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This page is designed to provide both goalkeepers and club coaches with training practise that can get help develop a players individual skill set as well as helping the team achieve better results with a holistic approach to training.

Coaching goalkeepers for more than 30 years I am a huge believer that a combination of personal individual development combined with team training with provide your goalkeeper with the best opportunities to develop your goalkeepers over all performances.

Developing Taking Crosses

Step 1 - Technique

1 GK / 2 servers / 6 cones / 2 balls

Server 1 throws the ball into the GK. GK moves in a arche around the cones then jumps to make a catch. Ensure the GK jumps off the correct leave and they have their non jumping leg into the correct position.

Step 2 - Technique

1 GK / 2 Severs / 4 cones / 6 balls (3 each side).


Server 1 plays a cross into the goal area. The GK comes for the crosses. After the GK takes the cross he/she rolls the ball to them self then makes a pass out to the wide player on the opposite side of the field.


Server 2 receives the ball, after controlling the ball from the GK, Server 2 plays a cross into the GK to start the drill again.   

Drill 3 - Game training

1 GK,  7 servers, 2 defenders (per game), 2 attackers and 2 defenders.

Server 1 plays a cross into the box. Strikers try to score, defenders try to defend the cross. GK has to decide to either come for the cross or should he allow the defender to try to head the ball away.


After server 1 has completed the ball, Server 2 crosses their ball into the GK. This continues with crosses coming from opposites of the field until Server 6. Server 7 has a direct shot at goal.

Change the defenders and attackers with the 4 players from the crossing positions.  

Game Training - Playing out through the Goalkeeper 

Two teams of 5 (3 attackers and 2 defenders)

Playing area is 2, 18 yard box in length and a 18 yard box in width. 

There are also 4 crossing players. These players play for both teams. What ever team passes the wide player the ball  is the end the crosses must go into those attackers.

This continues with  teams playing

 4 x 5 minute games.

The wide players should mix their crosses up, far post, middle of the goal or near post.

Setting up a wall

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