Video Analysis System

Paul Jones Goalkeeping Academy is the only privately owned goalkeeping academy in Australia to have a Eye Tower Video Analysis system featuring a professional quality camera located on the 7m high telescopic tripod. With this tripod we will be able to provide individual goalkeepers with personalise video analysis of their performances. The benefit of this is that we are now taking a holistic approach to the role of the goalkeeper within the team.


Coaching Benefits
Stop trying to recount things to players that may of happened, SHOW THEM!  Elite coaches recognize the importance of the feedback they give their athletes. High quality feedback in the form of clear video linked with a simple and relevant verbal message provides the best opportunity for improved performance.

In team sports EYE TOWER provides video that facilitates both coach and athlete development in the following ways:


- Opportunity to re-watch key moments post game. 

- Video from an aerial view that gives an alternative perspective to coach’s touchline view.

 - Ability to provide meaningful high quality visual images at team meetings
- Comparison of performance over a set period of time
- Analysis of opposition’s strengths and weaknesses
- Allows easier more accurate gathering of match statistics
- More effective use of Video Analysis software such as Game Breaker

- Coaches who use the EYE TOWER system upload matches to websites their players can access (such as YouTube or Vimeo). This allows individual performances to be reviewed almost immediately in preparation for the upcoming session, thus saving valuable training time.

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DJI Mavi Pro Platinum
USB card for Training footage