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Specialist Goalkeeper Coaching 

Goalkeeping is a specialised position that requires a certain type of player and of course requires specialised training within the techniques and fundamentals of the game.


The aim of the Paul Jones Goalkeeping Academy (Canberra's only level 2 qualified coach) is to ensure that the sound principles of Goalkeeping are taught in an environment where players can function from sound coaching principles of development.

It has long been the ambition of the Academy to supply a source of training to young aspiring goalkeepers who wish to learn the unique skills required and have the desire necessary to be the best they can. Many goalkeepers over the years who have been part of this program established by Paul Jones have gone on to achieve success at State representative level, National league level, and International level.

The unique part about this program is that goalkeepers aged from 9 years of age can commence immediate training under the direction of a Paul Jones Goalkeeping Academy coach. This will allow the player to start learning the unique skills that are required to become a football goalkeeper in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Groups size - Generally we work in groups of between 4-6 goalkeepers. These size groups may increase from time to time dependant on the topic we are covering in the session.

Training Venues - Training venues vary over the year. We generally try to ensure we have 3 days a week on the Southside and 2 days a week on the Northside of Canberra


Paul Jones is currently one of 4 National Goalkeeping Coaches and in the past 5 years has worked with the Matilda’s (FIFA 2007 & 2011 Women’s World Cup, AFC Championship 2006, 2008 & 2010 Asian Champions ). Former exclusive goalkeeper coach for all national women’s teams, Matilda’s, Young Matildas and Junior Matilda’s goalkeepers (under 17’s).


This experience and the ability to liaise with national coaches allows Paul and the other Academy coaches keep up with the latest coaching developments from around the world which can then be integrated into the Paul Jones Goalkeeping Academy program ensuring that goalkeepers in the program are at the forefront of international goalkeeping trends.


If you would like further information on Paul Jones Goalkeeping Academy please contact us either on line (see contact us tab above) or on my mobile - 0409 990 420

Training schedule - Training sessions are held 5 days a week.

Duration - 75 minites

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